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    Genetically Modified Foods - Pros and Cons

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    There has been incorporated into LL beet genome, however, the PAT gene, similarly of bacterial origin, determining the production of PAT enzyme, phosphinothrin transpherase, which causes the acetylation and thereby inactivation of glufosinate [28]. Their cultivation would bring several benefits for producers, sugar industry and for sustainable agriculture: Limitations on the spraying number. Usually two or three sprayings are advised, exclusively after emergence, whereas for selective herbicides very seldom are two sprayings sufficient, more often three or even four of them are needful [6]; More freedom in the spraying timing.

    Contrary to selective herbicides, whose effectiveness is conditioned as a rule by rigorous meeting the spraying guidelines as well as by weather conditions and the phenological phase of both weeds and beet seedlings [41,27]; First spraying can be delayed, even up to the 6 - 8 leaf phase and 10 cm-height of the weeds, which usually follows 5 - 6 weeks after drilling. In this way the population of aphids on beet seedlings becomes limited as aphids readily feed on young weeds.

    At the same time the biodiversity of entomofauna in agricultural environment increases [8]. Also the soil becomes protected against wind erosion [25]. The weeds have to be eliminated, however, before they start to compete with beets for light, water, and nutrients; Comprehensive weed killing , including perennials, with one herbicide only Roundup or Liberty.

    Selective herbicides show a different effectiveness in relation to particular weed species, which makes it necessary to apply several products, either successively or else in mixtures [41,23]; Professional advisory services are not necessary. At present more than 20 sugar beet herbicides are registered in Poland, and the number of their combinations, doses and mixtures suggested for use, depending on the number and botanical composition of weed flora, exceeds [26].

    Therefore the choice of the best method often requires help and advice of specialised agrochemical extension services. In case of RR or LL beets, however, only one herbicide is applied in the dose recommended by the producer usually 6 l. If need be, the herbicides can be applied until the inter-row close-up, resulting in an increased yield and in a lower dirt tare of roots delivered to the sugar-processing plant [23]; Less hazard to the environment due to a lower toxicity and faster complete degradation in the soil of both glyphosate and glufosinate, unlike in the majority of selective herbicides with a high toxicity and long degradation period [41,42]; Lower costs of chemical weed control.

    A total calculation, including all costs borne and benefits, is hardly possible due to a lack of some data such as the seed price as well as root and sugar yields obtained by the grower of tHT cultivars [10].

    Statement of Issues and Justification

    However, the cost of herbicides only in RR and LL systems is reduced by half, as compared with the costs of traditional herbicides [24]. New tHT cultivars KWS and KWS , both representing Z high sugar type, reached sugar yield equal or higher than the standard varieties, particularly when treated with Liberty, a non-selective herbicide.

    Table 1. A special attention should be paid to HM variety representing Z type with a very high processing quality. Table 3 shows the results of similar tests performed in the Netherlands yet no standard varieties are included. Also here the sugar yield of transgenic RR varieties was higher when Roundup Ultra was applied in different doses similar to hand-weeding , as compared with spraying with conventional, selective herbicides.

    Moreover, even a double Roundup dose 12 l. All such trends were evident yet non-significant.

    Buy Consumer Acceptance Of Genetically Modified Foods Cabi Publishing

    Field experiments performed by the Plant Protection Institute IOR also confirmed the advantages of RR and LL systems over the conventional ones, both as regards the efficiency of weed control and the root yield [1, 2]. Table 3. Actual and relative sugar-yield of the trials with glyphosate average of three experiments and with glufosinate-ammonium one experiment [41] Treatment Sugar yield t. Permission for such trials, i.

    Finally the application must be reviewed and discerningly examined. Having been accepted, an authorised supervisor monitors the experimental plots throughout the vegetation period. Additionally, in Poland genetically modified organisms are regulated by the decision no of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry of In - field tests with GMOs have been permitted in other European countries, including Russia.

    About FARE

    In England a three-year field experiment has been scheduled for in order to study a potential environmental effect of GM sugar beet, oil seed rape and maize when included in the crop rotation [8]. Three groups of respondents have been formed, according to the knowledge level: Group I - insufficient level of knowledge 0 and 1 correct answer , Group II - intermediate level of knowledge 2 and 3 correct answers , and Group III - high level of knowledge 4 and 5 correct answers. As previously explained, we have merged together points 1 and 2 of a 5- level Likert scale to present generally negative answers, and points 4 and 5 to show generally positive answers.

    The corresponding results are shown in Table 9 and Figure 3. All three groups, regardless of the level of knowledge of biotechnology, are the most willing to consume GM foods that have positive effects on human health item R4. Respondents with insufficient and intermediate level of knowledge prefer GM food produced with fewer amount of pesticides item R2 than GM food with more nutrients item R3.

    Table 9. The least indecisive are those with the highest knowledge level Discussion and conclusions In this paper we have tested willingness to consume and buy GM foods among Serbian population.

    Consumer acceptance of genetically modified foods in New Zealand

    Also, we have analysed the influence of the level of knowledge of biotechnology on the acceptance of GM food. Respondents are asked 20 questions in questionnaire and 5 questions in 'quiz' that was used to asses the knowledge level. Our results generally provided three major factors that consistently affect Serbian consumers' acceptance of GM food: perceived risk on human health M1 , ethical and moral issues M4 and distrust in companies which produce GM food T5.

    Majority of Serbian consumers believe that genetically engineered components extend the shelf life of food and enhance external appearance, but reduce its taste, freshness and nutritional value. They consider GM food potentially harmful to human health and environment. They believe that it is immoral and unethical to modify the genes of plants and animals, and are frightened by the lack of information. The majority of the respondents have no confidence in the state of Serbia and in scientific analysis or in multinational companies.

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    • Furthermore, this study showed that Serbian consumer' knowledge about biotechnology is relatively low, which maybe affects their negative attitudes about consumption of GM food. Consumers with a high level of knowledge are the most willing to consume and buy GM food.

      go site This is followed by the consumers with intermediate level of knowledge.