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The word ethical in this context can be defined as working with high professional morals and principles. No hidden agendas are allowed! Trustworthiness is the ultimate tenet. The misuse of information is absolutely forbidden. Treat the information you gather with the utmost respect. All information you obtain during your testing and from Web-application log files to clear-text passwords and must be kept private. Involve others in your process. The main reason for this is poor planning. These testers have not read the documentation or misunderstand the usage and power of the security tools and techniques.

You can easily create DoS conditions on your systems when testing. Running too many tests too quickly on a system causes many system lockups. Many security-assessment tools can control how many tests are performed on a system at the same time. These tools are especially handy if you need to run the tests on production systems during regular business hours. You can even create an account or system lockout condition by social engineering someone into changing a password, not realizing that doing so might create a system lockout condition.

Like practically any IT or security project, ethical hacking needs to be planned in advance. Strategic and tactical issues in the ethical hacking process should be determined and agreed upon.

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To ensure the success of your efforts, spend time up front planning things out. Planning is important for any amount of testing and from a simple password-cracking test to an all-out penetration test on a Web application. Approval for ethical hacking is essential. Obtaining sponsorship of the project is the first step. You need someone to back you up and sign off on your plan. Otherwise, your testing may be called off unexpectedly if someone claims they never authorized you to perform the tests. Get written approval on this sponsorship as soon as possible to ensure that none of your time or effort is wasted.

One slip can crash your systems and not necessarily what anyone wants. A well defined scope includes the following information:. When selecting systems to test, start with the most critical or vulnerable systems.

For instance, you can test computer passwords or attempt social-engineering attacks before drilling down into more detailed systems. It pays to have a contingency plan for your ethical hacking process in case something goes awry.

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This can cause system unavailability, which can reduce system performance or employee productivity. Even worse, it could cause loss of data integrity, loss of data, and bad publicity. Handle social-engineering and denial-of-service attacks carefully. Determining when the tests are performed is something that you must think long and hard about. Do you test during normal business hours? Involve others to make sure they approve of your timing. The best approach is an unlimited attack, wherein any type of test is possible. Some exceptions to this approach are performing DoS, social-engineering, and physical-security tests.

This can lead to a false sense of security. Keep going to see what else you can discover. One of your goals may be to perform the tests without being detected.

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Otherwise, the users may be on to you and be on their best behavior. This will help protect you and the tested systems. Most people are scared of these assessments. Know the personal and technical limitations. Many security-assessment tools generate false positives and negatives incorrectly identifying vulnerabilities.


Others may miss vulnerabilities. Many tools focus on specific tests. No tool can test for everything. This is why you need a set of specific tools that you can call on for the task at hand. The more tools you have, the easier your ethical hacking efforts are. When selecting the right security tool for the task, ask around. Get advice from your colleagues and from other people online. A simple Groups search on Google www. Hundreds, if not thousands, of tools can be used for ethical hacking and from your own words and actions to software-based vulnerability-assessment programs to hardware-based network analyzers.

The following list runs down some of my favorite commercial, freeware, and open-source security tools:. I discuss these tools and many others in Parts II through V when I go into the specific hack attacks. Appendix A contains a more comprehensive listing of these tools for your reference. The capabilities of many security and hacking tools are often misunderstood. Some of these tools are complex.

Whichever tools you use, familiarize yourself with them before you start using them. Here are ways to do that:. Ethical hacking can take persistence.


Time and patience are important. This person could use this information against you. Just make sure you keep everything as quiet and private as possible. This is especially critical when transmitting and storing your test results. At a minimum, password-protect them.

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