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Articoli Citata da. Titolo Citata da Anno Hydrotalcite-type anionic clays: Preparation, properties and applications. Applied Catalysis A: General 2 , , Applied Catalysis A: General , , Articoli 1—20 Mostra altri. Guida Privacy Termini. Indice H. Hydrotalcite-type anionic clays: Preparation, properties and applications. Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane and propane: How far from commercial implementation?

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The oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane and propane as an alternative way for the production of light olefins F Cavani, F Trifiro Catalysis Today 24 3 , , Sustainability in catalytic oxidation: an alternative approach or a structural evolution? Journal of catalysis 1 , , Sorokin, Clean catalytic oxidation of 8-hydroxyquinoline to quinoline-5,8-dione with tBuOOH in the presence of supported iron phthalocyanines, Green Chemistry, , 12, — Maksimchuk, K. Kovalenko, V. Fedin, O.

Professor Jens K. Nørskov: Catalysis for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals

Zalomaeva, K. Kovalenko, Yu. Chesalov, M. Zaikovskii, V. Kaichev, A. Sorokin, O. Kholdeeva, V. Maksimchuk, O. Kholdeeva, K. Zalomaeva, A. Sorokin, I. Scobelev, E. Talsi, Oxidation of 2-methylnaphthol to menadione with molecular oxygen: autoxidation or a spin forbidden reaction? B , , 42 , — A , , , doi: Kholdeeva, Cyclohexane selective oxidation over metal-organic frameworks of MIL family: superior catalytic activity and selectivity, Chem. Poblet, and J.

Unambiguous characterization of the role of protonation state. DOI: Pirovano, M. Guidotti, V. Dal Santo, R. Psaro, O. Ivanchikova, Use of titanium-containing silica catalysts prepared by rapid and straightforward method in selective oxidations. Catalysis Today, , , DOI: Skobelev, A. Sorokin, K. Chibiryaev, K. Kovalenko, O. Kholdeeva , B. Balzhinimaev, V. Skobelev, E. Kudrik, O. Zalomaeva, F. Albrieux, P. Afanasiev, O. Kovalev, M.

Principles in heterogeneous catalysis

Oxana A. User-friendly synthesis of highly selective and recyclable mesostructured t itanium-silicate catalysts for the production of bulky benzoquinones , Catal.

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Ivanchikova, J. Lee, N. Maksimchuk, A. Chesalov, A. Ayupov, Y. Hwang, C. Jun, J. Chang, O. Kholdeeva, Recent developments in liquid-phase selective oxidation using environmentally benign oxidants and mesoporous metal-silicates, Catal. Ivanchikova, N.

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Maksimchuk, R. Maksimovskaya, G. Maksimov, O. Kholdeeva, Highly selective oxidation of alkylated phenols to p -benzoquinones with aqueous hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by divanadium substituted polyoxotungstates ACS Catalysis, , 4, DOI Skobelev, I. Ivanchikova, K. Fedin, A. Today , , , , DOI: Maksimchuk, M. Chang, M.

New Developments in Selective Oxidation by Heterogeneous Catalysis - Google книги

Guidotti, A. Shutilov, V. Zalomaeva, V. Evtushok, G. Ivanchikova, I. Skobelev, O. Eur J. Maksimchuk, I. Kholdeeva, Mesoporous niobium—silicates prepared by evaporation—induced self—assembly as catalysts for selective oxidations with aqueous H 2 O 2 , J. Catal , , , —, Ivanchikova, A. Ayupov, O. Kholdeeva, One-step solvent-free synthesis of cyclic carbonates by oxidative carboxylation of styrenes over a recyclable Ti-containing catalyst, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental , , — DOI: Kholdeeva, O. Zalomaeva, Recent advances in transition-metal catalyzed selective oxidation of phenols and methoxyarenes using environmentally benign oxidants, Coord.

Mortier , Wiley, , Ch. Torbina, I. Today, , , 97— Today, , , Cornils, W. Hermann, M. Beller, R. Paciello, Wiley-VCH, , pp.